Remember the access to Weber County Sheriff’s Office from 12th Street is no longer available. You need to turn southbound on 1200 W from 12th St and follow it along West 17th St to our back entrance which is between the two railroad tracks. If for some reason a flagger stops you and says you can’t access it unless you are a police officer or sheriff’s office employee – this is incorrect. Please patiently inform them they are incorrect and if they have questions to contact us at 801-778-6600 to straighten it out.




The following applies to staff, the public, service vendors, deliveries, emergency response, and allied agency traffic:


The 12th Street access road to the Weber County Sheriff’s Complex, which includes: the Jail, Sheriff’s Enforcement and Administrative Offices, and Crime Scene Investigations Annex (CSI), will be permanently closed as of July 17, 2017. There will be no further access to the facility from 12th Street until a new access road and intersection is completed by Weber County, which we anticipate to be finished in October 2017. Access to the Weber County Sheriff’s Complex until that time will need to be from 17th Street.


The WCSO will endeavor to arrange detour information on our website and social media outlets. We will place an electronic sign at the current 12th Street entrance directing traffic to 17th Street, either from 1200 West or Wall Avenue. We hope to be able to identify with signage the detour and, specifically, the Weber County Sheriff’s Complex detour route.


As you may be aware, 17th Street is currently in the process of construction and infrastructure upgrades. This work will continue and will cause delays; however, 17th Street is not scheduled for hard closure. There may be temporary closures in one direction or another, but access to our facility will not be totally impeded. We hope to provide advance notice to all parties when access will be limited, either eastbound or westbound, assuming we are provided such notice by 17th Street project managers.


We ask for the patience of all of our partners, staff, and the public. We will continue to provide updates as we receive new information.


Chief Kevin Burton

Corrections Division Chief Deputy