Weber County Jail Receives 2020 Jail of the Year Award From U.S. Marshals

Weber County, UT: The U.S. Marshals Service in Utah its proud to announce Weber County Jail as its 2020 Jail Stakeholder of the Year award. On Tuesday, April 20, United States Marshal Matthew D. Harris presented Sheriff Ryan Arbon and the Weber County Jail its award at the Weber County Commission meeting. Weber County received its award overcoming many obstacles associated with inmate housing, quarantining, testing, and monitoring inmates during the 2020 Global Pandemic. Weber County’s Medical staff was a central part of Weber County, winning the award. Weber County houses at times 40% of all federal inmates in the State of Utah. The jail also aided in facilitating hundreds of remote federal hearings to ensure the Federal Judicial Process continued. United States Marshal Matthew D. Harris noted, “To say 2020 was a challenge would be an understatement, and Weber County excelled in the most challenging environment we have ever seen.” He also noted: “The work done inside a jail facility is not always the sexiest, but it a critical component and one of the most important functions of the criminal justice system. The public doesn’t get to see what it takes to run a facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and likely the only time they think about it is those very rare occurrences when something may go wrong. But this is something we think about every day. How to safely transport prisoners, ensure they safe both from themselves and others within the facility, and ensure they are receiving the medical care many of them need, and no one does that better than Weber County. It gives my staff and me great comfort, and it should give the public comfort knowing a professional staff works diligently behind the scenes to ensure our operation runs well, but also that the needs of the Judiciary are also met. “We could not be more grateful to our amazing corrections staff. This award is a thank you for all of the times they went the extra mile to keep our facilities clean and safe for the people housed there. #MoreThanGuardians